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Steven Wong
President of MiniSuit Inc.

I’m writing to you to certify that Katherine Ganes B. has worked here as a Customer Service for Minisuit.

I can assure you that during the time that Katherine worked with us, she was a very hardworking individual. I was impressed by Katherine’s enthusiasm and communication skills as a customer service rep for our company.

She consistently demonstrated professionalism, and I wholeheartedly recommend her for any customer service position. Katherine is reliable, dedicated and always upbeat. Her ability to pacify angry or frustrated customers is exceptional. Katherine is a quick learner and multitask effectively while she handled a high-volume workload.

Her commitment for customer satisfaction exceeds customer and my expectations. She has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to provide more details if you would like additional information.

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Natalia Banks
Indie Author

I am pleased to write a recommendation letter for Katherine.

I have had the pleasure of having Katherine work for me over the last year all through 2017, and she is the definition of an exemplary worker.

I have found Katherine to have all the qualities and characteristics of a top worker, including: punctuality, integrity, willingness to learn and she always goes above and beyond what is required for any given task. Katherine has excellent communication skills and tackles all assignments with dedication and enthusiasm.

Not only was Katherine able to complete all tasks required, the creativity and positive demeanor she brought she brought forth was a real joy working with her on a daily basis. She is Able to work independently and adds value to any task you are working on.

I highly recommend Katherine for employment. She is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.

Christa Van Walleghem
Fiction Author

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Mark Jenkins
Arkansas Digital Media

It is a great pleasure to recommend Katherine Ganes B. Austria for the position of Virtual Assistant at your company. Katherine has been an integral part of our team at Arkansas Digital Media for the past 4 years, helping us in all aspects of social media management and website development.

As a dedicated and detailed individual, Katherine has the ability to manage all kinds of tasks efficiently. If there are tasks that are not clear to her, she doesn't hesitate to ask questions and clarify things.

Some of her key strengths include:
 Willingness to take on new tasks
 Ability to learn new skill sets
 Planning and Organization
 Project Management skills
 Excellent Knowledge of Technology

In addition to her professional skills, Katherine is very personable and pleasant to work with. I believe she would be a positive addition for a ny orga nizatio n’s team. If you need any additional information you may contact me at: and 888- 266-2025.

Best Regards, Mark Jenkins Founder and Publisher Arkansas Digital Media Conway, AR United States

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Susan Garner, CPA
Transaction Accounting

It is a great pleasure to recommend Katherine Ganes for the position of Administrative Assistant at your firm. Katherine worked as an integral administrative professional for two years at Lawyers Escrow Company. During her tenure, I was impressed by her passion, clerical skills and professional demeanor.

What impressed me the most about Katherine was her constant striving to improve her value to our company and learn and improve on everything she could to assist us with our administration. She was continually asking for feedback, received instruction with a very positive attitude, and implemented any feedback immediately.

As a dedicated individual, Katherine has the ability to manage all kinds of secretarial and clerical tasks efficiently.

Some of her key strengths include:
• Well-versed in supporting executives in all kinds of official work
• Highly skilled in preparing correspondence including statements, forms, reports, presentations, applications and other documents
• Strong English and verbal skills
• Competent at sorting and filing documents in keeping with established procedures.